Elawan publishes its fifth Sustainability Report corresponding the exercise 2017

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Madrid, September 6, 2018.- Elawan presents its fifth Sustainability Report corresponding the exercise 2017, aiming to presents to its stakeholders all its financial, environmental and social results in a balanced and transparent way. This new Report has been developed in line with the directives defined by the new Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and as a result of the Materiality Study.

The financial dimension shows an income of 171 million euros, which have generated 100 million euros EBITDA and a result of 12 million euros before taxes.

Elawan is a renewable energy supplier worldwide, with presence in 12 countries (Belgium, Brazil, Spain, The USA; Puerto Rico, South Africa, Romania, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Mexico and Argentina.

Six new wind farms came into operation in Brazil with 130MW and one mini hydraulic farm in Tacotán, Mexico, with 6.9 MW. Elawan is building 324 MW, out of which 200MW have come into operation in Oklahoma in August 2018; 24MW in Belgium in December 2018; and 100MW in South Africa in 2020.

Elawan has come into operation 1,032 MW throughout its history and has over 3,800 MW more in different on-going projects to keep growing in the following years. The first wind farm in Torrijos, Toledo, is included in it and is expected to be operational in 2019.

The social dimension gathers the most relevant information related to people, health & safety and social matters.

68 professionals, mainly men (72%), form the workforce. The occupation stability is a priority for the company, 91% of the workforce has a long-term contract and all of them are full-time employed.

During 2017, Elawan workforce suffered no occupational accidents or incidences. This is an indicative of compliance of all health & safety protocols set, as well as the preventive measure and employees' great performance and awareness. These data position the company at very low levels of absenteeism.

By the environmental dimension, Elawan is aware of the need to preserve natural sources.

In 2017, the management system was modified and adequate to the company's new reality, besides making the transition to the new version (2015) of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Based on the commitment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Elawan develops different initiatives mainly focused to Goal 7 (Affordable and clean energy) and to Goal 13 (Action to combat climate change), avoiding the emission of 606,459 tons of CO2.


About Elawan Energy

Elawan Energy (www.elawan.com/en/), promoter of renewable energy projects, is focused on developing and operating wind farms in Europe, Brazil, the USA, Mexico, Turkey and South Africa. Since its origins in 2008, the Company has developed over 1.2 GW and has a portfolio of over 4 GW of projects of generation of renewable energy, on different development levels, which will enable harvesting the strategy of developing and coming into operation over 100 MW annually.

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