At Elawan we are fully committed to establishing and maintaining our “Culture of Compliance” through strict observation of the law and the highest ethical standards.


Elawan has made compliance a fundamental pillar of corporate management and considers it a top priority in every area of activity. Our main target is to achieve the best results for Elawan by always complying with current legislation, regulations and established policies and standards.

Ethical Code

Our code of ethics is based on three main values: Pride, Trust and Respect, in addition to the obligation of compliance with laws and regulations and the prohibition of any behaviour that could pose a financial risk, regulatory sanction or reputational damage to Elawan

Whistleblower channel

Elawan strives to create a “Speak up” culture and encourages its employees to raise any Compliance Concerns. Elawan will investigate these reports, either proved or suspected to be occurred, violations of laws, regulations and/or standards of our Code of Ethics and related policies and standards promptly, fairly and in accordance with its legal obligations.

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