A Successful History

Elawan was founded in 2007 to play a unique role in the expansion of the Renewables Division of ACEK:

  • ACEK

    We have the support of more than 50.000 employees in our group, with over 160 industrial plants in 27 countries, and an annual turnover of over 12 billion Euros.

  • Team
    & Directory

    We rely on a workforce of highly skilled professionals throughout 11 different countries: Spain, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Belgium, Mexico, U.S.A., Puerto Rico, Brazil and South Africa.

  • Projects

    To date, we have built wind farms with a production capacity of over 1.3GW and our main markets are Spain, Brazil, and the United States.



From Steel to Energy

ACEK is rooted in the success of a great steel company, Gonvarri, which managed to transfer its leadership skills toward the renewable energies, maintaining the  same values of quality, efficiency and sustainability:

  • 1958.

    Francisco Riberas Pampliega founded Gonvarri, a society dedicated to the buying and selling of steel products, with a share capital of €120.

  • 70s.

    Within 20 years, the company was leading the steel production in Spain, with service centers in Burgos, Asturias, Valencia and Barcelona.

  • 80s.

    With the introduction of the auxiliary metal stamping and creation sectors in 1991, Gonvauto from Barcelona became what we know as Gestamp Automoción. It was dedicated exclusively to the automobile sector (SEAT).

  • 90s.

    The company embarked on its international expansion beginning with Portugal and Brazil.

  • 2000s.

    During this decade the Renewable division was founded, beginning with Solar Energy (2005), followed by Wind (2007) and finally Biomass Projects.