The Control Center of Gestamp Wind has been accredited by “Red Eléctrica Española”

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(Madrid, June 14, 2012) Gestamp Wind has taken a strategic decision in the renewable energy sector worldwide with the construction of a Control Center that will allow us to manage and optimize the production in every installation.



CCER is the Control Center of the renewable energies that Gestamp Renewables manages. It works non-stop 24/7, every day of the year. It has real time access to the status of every installation and they can be remotely operated.

CCER has been accredited by the operator of the Spanish Electrical System “Red Eléctrica de España” as a control center in the feed in tariff’s system.

By the end of 2012, we expect to be managing 376 MW from our own wind facilities. We can provide services to external clients who need a control center that complies with every regulation and who wish to increase the availability of their plants. From now on, Gestamp Renewables will have more autonomy and control of its installations.

According to Dionisio Fernandez Auray “Today, we manage in the CCER a total of 376 MW worldwide from which 138 MW are directly connected with “Red Eléctrica de España”. He concluded “By the end of 2012 the CCER will be managing a total of 450 MW”.


About Gestamp Wind

Gestamp Wind is the wind energy division of Gestamp Renewables, specialized in the development, construction and operation of wind farms with projects in Europe, Brazil, EEUU, Turkey and South Africa. Gestamp Wind is one of the leading companies in the wind energy business. Gestamp Wind integrates vertically, the development, construction and operation of wind farms. The company has over 500 Mw in operation and an important pipeline of over 1,400 MW in the different markets where the company is currently active.


About Gestamp Renewables-Corporación Gestamp

Corporación Gestamp, the parent company of Gestamp Renewables, is a multinational leader in Europe in the steel, automotive components and renewable energy sectors it is currently present in over 25 countries throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia, with over 120 plants. Composed by a global workforce of over 30,000 employees, Corporación Gestamp had total revenues of over 7 billion in 2011.

Gestamp Renewables (, a division of Corporación Gestamp, is an industrial group that operates and supplies components within the renewable energy sector. Since 2005, Gestamp Renewables has aspired to position itself as an international leader within the renewable energy sector, using a unique and integrated business model encompassing the entire value chain from the manufacture and supply of components, to the development, construction, maintenance and operation of wind, solar and biomass energy projects.

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