Gestamp Wind will reach the goal of 900 wind power MW in 2016

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  • In 2015, Gestamp Wind put in operation several wind power projects in Belgium, Brazil, Poland, and Turkey, thus adding 168 megawatts to its wind power portfolio.


  • Thanks to its 29 operating wind farms, Gestamp Wind helped lower C02 emissions by 504,923 tons.


  • Gestamp Wind is currently building projects in Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, and Turkey, surpassing one gigawatt of power in 2017.


Madrid 6th of June 2016. Gestamp Wind, a company specializing in the development, building, and operations of wind farms, has published its third Sustainability Report.

Gestamp Wind operates 29 wind farms in Belgium, Brazil, the United States, Poland, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, and Turkey.

Taking into account the reporting guidelines of the G4 Global Reporting Initiative, our 2015 Sustainability Report outlines the economic, social, and environmental impact of wind farms. The Report has also been reviews by an outside organization.

This year’s Sustainability Report focuses primarily on answering questions posed by interest groups. It also outlines the company’s performance, by integrating its vision and accomplishments in areas deemed most relevant.

Gestamp Wind’s priority is to continue growing in a sustainable and profitable manner. Consequently, it is currently building nine projects that will allow it to surpass 900 megawatts before September 2016. These wind farm projects are located in Beaumont, Belgium (12 MW), Macarimbas, Brazil (106 MW), and Yahali, Turkey (82.5 MW). Furthermore, two mini-hydraulic wind farms are being built in Mexico, one in Tacotán and one in Trigomil (15 MW).

Most notably, in 2015 Gestamp Wind saw a 90% increase in indefinite contracts, and 14% overall growth from the previous year. Furthermore, the welfare and healthcare of its staff and subcontracts is a key feature for the company. Proof of this is that Gestamp Wind has enjoyed another year without any accidents.

Moreover, the environment is also a strategic factor that enjoys special attention in every step of a project’s development. Due to the more than 6886.5 megawatts of clean energy it has provided, Gestamp Wind is working against climate change by reducing emissions of CO2 by 504,923 tons.

The general welfare of the areas where Gestamp Wind operates is part of the company’s policy. As per the 2015 Sustainability Report, local economies have grown due to an investment of €25.3 million directed at local providers, as well as the payment of more than €7.3 million in taxes.

In addition, numerous projects have been developed in cooperation with local communities, focusing on specific challenges, such as:

  • The promotion of entrepreneurship and training by the creation of employment opportunities on South Africa.
  • The improvement of telecommunications with the building of a free-access internet facility in São Pedro, Brazil.
  • The advancement of the general welfare, education and public health by way of public participation in the promotion of wind energy with visits and open houses in some of the wind farms, such as in Puerto Rico.
  • The sponsorship of local culture with financial support, such as the city anniversary celebrations in Golczewo, Saint Andrew’s Feast in Wloszakowice, and the harvest festival in Klukowo, all in Poland.

Gestamp Wind has also renewed its support for and adherence to the United Nations Global Compact, thereby demonstrating its commitment to human rights, workers’ rights, the struggle against corruption, and the safeguarding of the environment.

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About Gestamp Wind

Gestamp Wind ( promotes wind energy, and produces electric energy from wind power. Its main focus is to develop and operate wind farms in Brazil, Europe, Mexico, Turkey, the U.S., and South Africa. Gestamp Wind is a leader in the wind power industry, and at every step, for promotion, to construction, and to operation of wind farms. The company already produces more than 680 megawatts, and projects to finish 2016 with a total of 900. It already has very ambitious plans to produce more than 1 gigawatt of electricities in the different markets it serves.

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