Management System

The environment, quality, and Health & Safety constitute three key aspects for ELAWAN ENERGY, being part of its strategic objectives and mission. For this reason, the company has an Integrated Management System duly implemented and certified under the international standards ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 for the promotion, development, management and trading of renewable energy facilities at an international basis.

The management model is based on the integration in the map of processes of the company of the established aspects and requirements of Safety, environment and quality; and it is based on the principles defined in the Integrated Management Policy, which is unavoidable and constitutes the base document of the system.

The following are the guidelines that define the management system:

  • Health & Safety culture based on zero accidents goal and lessons learned.
  • Clear and defined communication (internal and external) based on defined channels.
  • Training and information according technical standards and job position needs.
  • Proactive control and analysis of monitoring indicators and control points (KPIs).
  • Optimization in waste management and resource consumption.
  • Protection of the environment and reduction of impacts.
  • Environmental performance and respect for biodiversity.