Letter from the President

We aim through our activities to contribute to the socio-economic development of the areas where we operate.

Dear readers,

It is my pleasure to present the Sustainability Report 2020 for Elawan Energy, S.L.

This report summarises our main economic, social, environmental and health and safety initiatives, showing how we integrate sustainability into our decisions, to continue growing as a profitable, sustainable company.

Growing social concern about climate change has increased social demands on the search for new ways to reduce pollution. These demands, together with those from other external factors, are pushing governments and companies to seek new measures to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development.

This idea was developed in the Paris Agreement, which pursues climate neutrality by the end of the century as its main objective. To achieve this, collaborative efforts are essential to keep the global average temperature less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

On top of this situation, in 2020 we experienced the pandemic, which has directly impacted not just people’s daily lives but also our company. A series of measures were established and implemented to avoid exposure to and transmission of the virus in our organisation, such as telecommuting, reduced capacity by working in shifts, monitoring by means of PCR and antigen testing, as well as other measures to prevent contagion within Elawan. Thanks to these measures, we can say that we have not suffered virus transmission within our company, although some of our workers have been infected.

Elawan Energy, as a global renewable energy operator, is an important part of this development, producing over two and a half million MW during 2020 from its various wind, solar and hydroelectric projects around the world and avoiding the generation of over 600,000 t.CO2 equiv. during the year.


Despite the global situation, 2020 concluded satisfactorily for Elawan, with turnover of around 87 million euros and EBIDTA of over 13 million euros.


In spite of the difficulties arising from the pandemic, 2020 saw the start of construction of 5 photovoltaic plants at Bonete, Albacete (Spain), 1 wind farm at Humilpan, Querétaro (Mexico), 1 wind farm at Salazinne, Balonia (Belgium), 1 wind farm at Adares, (Turkey) and 1 wind farm at Sobradinho, Bahía (Brazil). Construction of the Copperton wind farm
(South Africa) also continued. In total, 419.6 MW was being built during 2020, contributing to SDG 7 “Affordable, reliable, sustainable, modern energy for all” and SDG 13 “Combating climate change and its impacts”. These projects are carried out taking into account not only the requirements determined by public authorities, but also our Integrated Management System (quality, environment and occupational health and safety) and the project financiers, where these exist.

For Elawan, it is essential that both the construction and operation of its projects are accompanied by maximum respect for the habitat in which they are located. Specific plans are implemented for this for each of the
projects controlled by external companies, certifying that the plans are being developed within the parameters indicated by environmental impact statements and/or environmental impact studies. Due to our concern, and going beyond legal compliance, a Site Environmental Management Manual has been created as a guide, containing a series of requirements to be met by contractors and subcontractors during the construction process.

Elawan Energy has had an Integrated Management System since 2012. This system, based on the ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards (replacing the former OHSAS 18001 as an occupational health and safety standard), has scope that includes the development, operation and sale of facilities internationally.

As a particular idiosyncrasy, Elawan has Health and Safety as one of the fundamental pillars for proper execution of its projects. For another year we had zero accidents among our personnel and we continue to
carry out actions that help us control our contractors, so reducing the risks of their activities. To this end, we have, together with experts in the subject, developed the Site Health and Safety Manual, which is included as a guide for contractors and subcontractors.

Finally, 2020 has presented challenges in various areas for the company. Resulting from the pandemic situation, we were forced to reduce, almost eliminating for much of the year, trips to visit projects (both under construction and in operation), to work remotely for several months of the year and, in spite of the situation, we managed to start construction of projects in practically all the countries where we already had any and to increase our own staff by over 10%.

All this was possible thanks to a group of highly qualified and committed professionals, both to the company and to each other.

Elawan’s objective remains to grow in all markets internationally, by carrying out new projects that contribute to meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement, taking the Sustainable Development Goals as our own through our business objectives.

-Jon Riberas


Our company & sustainability

  • Our company
  • Our vision on sustainability
  • Governance and compliance model

The first part of the Report gathers information about Elawan Energy, its vision of sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as information with regard to governance and compliance.

Its activity, the most relevant dimensions and its global presence are described briefly, as well as its commitment and positioning in the field of Sustainability, the results of the materiality study and the relations with stakeholders.

Likewise, Elawan governing bodies’ functions and responsibilities and the compliance mechanisms are summarized.

Economic, social & environmental dimensions

  • Economic Dimension
  • Social Dimension
  • Environmental Dimension

The second part of the Report includes more specific information in the three dimensions: economic, social and environmental.

The Economic Dimension summarizes the growth experimented by Elawan in 2020, the most relevant risks and its main economic dimensions. Likewise, it gathers general information about aspects such as information security, supplier management and energy management, highlighting the Digital WorkPlace project.

The Social Dimension offers main data and magnitudes overview with regard to Elawan professionals, issues related to occupational health & safety and the most relevant guidelines in the field of social action.

The Environmental Dimension brings up Elawan’s environmental management, the main aspects in the field of wastes, biodiversity, circular economy, energy and climate change, as well as its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Independent Review Report
  • Report profile
  • GRI Content Index
  • Global Compact Principles
  • Perimeter considered

The annexes gather the Independent Review Report by the independent body EY, the perimeter of the Report, as well as the content index in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative standard and its commitment to the 10 universal principles of the Global Compact.