Adares Wind Farm is located in Selcuk, in the Esmirna region,...


Elawan develops, constructs and operates wind farms in the world’s leading wind...

Cabeço Preto I

Cabeço Preto I is one of four projects carried out by Elawan that started...


Noblesfontein is the the first wind farm in South Africa of ...



Elawan Energy is a leading vertical integrated company with a long-standing track record in development, financing, constructing and operating its own renewable power plants worldwide, with the goal of establishing its position as a significant global renewable Independent Power Producer.

Elawan has evolved from a local Spanish start-up in 2008 to a global business today with over 70 employees, presence in 13 countries and 1.3 GW of renewable assets deployed since inception.


Excellent career opportunities

Elawan employs highly skilled professionals. This enables us to effectively perform our daily duties and work towards a better future. Our Human Capital differentiates us from our competitors and provides added value to our processes

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The strength of an Industrial Group

Elawan is part of a European Multinational, leader in Steel Services, Automotive Components, and Renewable Clean Energy. ACEK guarantees absolute financial solvency.

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